Katja Spitzer war bei uns und es war spitze!


Yes, indeed, it was really great to have her here! She was invited by the CCGTM (German Cultural Center From Timisoara) to make a presentation and to hold a workshop for freelance professionals (illustrators & designers) and for students from the Graphics department of the local Faculty of Art and Design.
With her colourful, funny and bold illustrations, Katja became an inspiration – definitely for me, most probably for all of us. She also released a huge appetite for coloured pencils and for Pantone printed books, but this is a different story. :)



Those are some of the drawings I’ve made during the workshop. The city of Leipzig-Hypezig, lost in the beard of a hipster and also some drawings that compare local elements to something similar from Leipzig (except for hipsters, as they are the same everywhere!). Katja suggested to use coloured pencils and just 2 colours for the mirror-images.
img815 img806 img813 img8062 img8132





I’ve also exchanged with Katja 2 of my books while receiving one of her, and I still think this was like robbing her off because the book I’ve received (“Die seltsame Orchidee”) is amazingly beautiful with colours that look very bright and fresh. I’m showing you a photo but it’s way better in person, trust me. :)


In the end, we were left with some very pleasant memories. Katja had to go back, even if we wanted to find a good spot for her at our friends from Hostel Costel and keep her here for at least 3 years (as we are doing with Brisca from Switzerland).



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