Skills: Illustration, Licensing





>ENG This is a Christmas card that gathers all the stuff that I love: folk customs & costumes, snowy wither time, Christmas and non-Christmas trees, geometric shapes, goats (although this time in a symbolic way), and, of course, the pink color! A bit of cynicism too because we, the Romanian cynics, say that there is no Christmas until the blond guy with the guitar (Hrusca, a very well-known singer) sings. It’s a personal project, of course. :)
>RO Asta-i o felicitare de Craciun care aduna la un loc toate lucrurile care-mi plac: obiceiurile si costumele populare, zapada pe timp de iarna, copacii si brazii – cei impodobiti si neimpodobiti, elementele geometrice, caprele (in cazul asta capra simbolica) si, desigur, rozul! De asemenea, are si un pic de cinism, ca-i sanatos si pentru ca stim ca nu-i Craciun pana nu canta Hrusca!
E un proiect personal, desigur. :)